Welcome to Object Lessons from Tibet & the Himalayas

This blog records the process of researching and re-appraising Tibet and Himalayas-related museum, library and archive collections. Using the concepts of knowledge production, loss and recovery our posts reveal the ‘behind the scenes’ conversations we have in museum stores, with other researchers, and with Tibetan colleagues and organisations both in Tibet and in the Diaspora.

We are an inter-disciplinary group of university academics, museum curators and Tibetan specialists interested in the social, political, and historical (often colonial) worlds Tibetan & Himalayan objects and images circulate in. We want to think about the historical moments that Tibetan and Himalayan objects were collected in. How were they understood by those who collected them and by those who lost them? Many of us who contribute to these pages focus on specific collectors, institutions, events or locations. This research group allows us to pool our knowledge and resources in order to trace out – as of yet – unseen entanglements between objects, organisations, people, places and events, and the many itineraries taken by objects from Tibet & the Himalayas.

We will share object-based research, conference and workshop alerts and reports, useful websites and links, publications, and reflections on exhibitions that we curate or contribute to.


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